About Harvey Family Foundation


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In 2000, Hugh Harvey and a business partner took over a potash mine in Utah that was slated for closure due to declining production. Potash is an important compound used in agriculture, recycling, pharmaceuticals and other industries.  By applying a drilling technique never before used to extract potash, they quickly increased the mine’s production and went on to open two other potash mines. Intrepid Potash became a publicly traded company in 2008 (NYSE:IPI) and is now the largest potash producer in the United States.


Soon after Intrepid went public, Hugh and his wife, Michelle, founded the Harvey Family Foundation. Their goal in its creation was to make meaningful contributions to their community and to include their two children, Jeff and Lauren in these philanthropic endeavors. In keeping with this goal, Lauren and Jeff serve as board members for the foundation along with their parents.


Foundation Philosophy

Pay it Forward

The Harvey Family Foundation (HFF) is grounded in the philosophy that all gifts are an opportunity to “pay it forward,” meaning that a grant not only benefits its recipient but also has the potential to be an investment that will yield benefits far into the future. We hope that beneficiaries of gifts from the HFF will someday give to others in need, paying it forward in future investments for many generations to come.  The family feels blessed by their good fortune and intends their philanthropy will continue to create positive effects in the world beyond the initial gifts.


Meaningful and Positive Family Relationships 

We believe that by helping others, each member of the Harvey family can improve and strengthen the relationship with one another.  As a result a major focus of the Foundation is to engage the family members in meaningful contributions to our world and community.  All family members are actively involved in the Foundation and its work.


Thoughtful, Compassionate Philanthropy 

For our family, high-quality philanthropy includes personal family involvement, grant making focus, and entrepreneurship and innovation.  We continue to learn and grow as philanthropists along side our partners and are committed to great care as we steward the assets of this foundation.